Paros voted Best Island in Europe for 2019


A new, great distinction for Greece is the “Best Island in Europe for 2019” award.

Paros was the island which won the World’s Best Travel Awards.

In the category of “Top 10 islands in Europe”, readers rated the islands according to their attractions, their natural landscapes and beaches, their food, their friendliness and their total value, and 6 of the 10 best are Greek.
Paros has taken the first place thanks to some of the most gorgeous beaches of the Aegean Sea and its charming Cycladic villages.

Naoussa has one of the most beautiful harbors in Greece, while Kolimbithres beach  is famous for its unique granites. In fact, a reader said, “Paros is a hidden jewel.”Páros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, a few hours away from Athens by ferry. The island is alternately described as Greece’s best-kept secret and its biggest up-and-comer — and it’s always raved about.

While there are several reasons to visit Paros, the island is most renowned for its natural beaches, cosmopolitan nightlife, and the many ancient monuments…