NUP - MA in Digital Video Production


The MA in Digital Video Production is an innovative, boutique program for students who are interested in using video image for their personal, academic or professional needs. Hosted under the School of Architecture, the overall aim is to enrich the arts community at Neapolis with specific curriculum directed towards the growing needs of independent filmmakers, academics and artists interested in creating digital video content. The curriculum is focused around practice-led and academically informed courses for those who aspire to become effective leaders in filmmaking, TV production, art and education sectors upon graduation.

In order to successfully prepare the professional to enter this fast-paced, digital filmmaking world, a fundamental understanding of required skill sets comprising of both technical digital video filmmaking practices and current contemporary, independent business models are offered. This is accomplished through lectures, seminars, production and research workshops, tutorials, screenings, and presentations from students. The program also regularly invites leading moving image practitioners from EU and USA to be visiting lecturers.

The program has a tailored design to cater towards the needs of each student by promoting the understanding of fundamental technical skills under the direct supervision and mentorship of professional filmmaking experts. This academic and practical journey finishes with a “digital thesis video” – a short film, documentary, art or research based video project that reflects the individual needs, vision and professional goals of each student.

Career Prospects

The completed MA in Digital Video Production enables a graduate to continue any academic or professional journey into their specific area of interest. Individual module outcomes and the final digital video thesis, enrich the graduate’s creative portfolio, so that it becomes the foundation for future doctoral academic research or a range of professional applications.

Graduates can expect to find their place within the broad scope of cultural and creative industries, such as: film, television and news production, advertising and entertainment, freelance digital content creation, contemporary art practice, computer and informatics, alternative media platforms, professional or personal tutoring, archival documentation.

Finally, the MA in Digital Video Production constitutes a multidisciplinary prerequisite, which can advance a graduate’s academic studies towards the completion of a Doctorate Degree.