LEPTOS ESTATES has once again broken the barrier of 1000 exhibitions abroad


Within 2019 Leptos Estates has managed for the second time this decade to surpass itself with attending over 1000 exhibitions abroad, setting the record this time of 1075 exhibitions (1015 exhibitions in 2011).  This new record consisted of exhibitions which Leptos Estates had organized or participated in, through a total of 60 countries overseas crossing all continents.

With its presence and participation in these exhibitions the company has managed to promote its multiple activities, products and services, along with the beauties of Cyprus and the Greek Islands of Crete, Paros and Santorini.  These exhibitions give a wide range of people the opportunity to get to know not only the company and what it has to offer, but also about beautiful Cyprus and amazing Greece, especially for those who haven’t had the chance to pay a visit before.

Leptos Estates through these exhibitions has managed to create a strong network of business associates along with a unique clientele. The company has a dynamic extrovert strategy and seeks to focus on countries which will have a strong interest in investments abroad and especially on developments of high quality and prestigious projects especially in coastal areas.


Leptos Estates with 60 years (1960 -2020) of experience has an outstanding quality portfolio which comprises of more than 350 projects ranging from spacious apartments, stylish townhouses, luxury villas, elegant seafront properties, all in prime and exclusive locations.


Photo: Leptos Estates Participation in overseas exhibitions