Leptos Group Monthly Newsletter – November 2018

Dear Friends, distinguished Clients and valuable Associates
A very warm welcome to all our readers for the 11th edition of our monthly Leptos Group Newsletter for 2018. In this updated edition you can find important and usefull information from various fields of our new property developments and other activities both in beautiful Cyprus and in Amazing Greece, as well as about Paphos the new multicultural and cosmopolitan city in the Eastern
Mediterranean which remained for the 11th consecutive month the most popular district to the majority of the European Buyers & Investors
Leptos Group – Revitalising the Real Estate Sector in Cyprus 
The Leptos Group, one of Cyprus’s largest land and building developers, has helped drive economic growth since its establishment in 1960. Founded with the vision of an intersection between tourism, real estate, education, healthcare, and other aspects of the economy, the Leptos Group has grown to embody this holistic approach to land development, exemplified in its new mega-project, the city of Neapolis.
Leptos Group sponsors the “Cyprus International 4-Day Challenge 2018 by Arena Sports” 
The 14th edition of the 4 – Day Challenge Event is now an unforgettable memory for both the runners and the organizers. Participation increased to 360 runners with ages between 21 years old and the eldest runner being 85 years old, Imre Kenyer from Hungary. Runners travelled from various countries such as UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, USA, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, and many more. Supporters and escorts participation was also higher this year.

Annual Christmas Bazaar at Leptos Kamares Club in Paphos 
The annual Kamares Christmas Bazaar took place this weekend at the Leptos Kamares Club, near Tala, Paphos. More than 50 stall holders displaying their homemade and imported products including candles, books, jewellery, cakes, sweets, ceramics, art works, toys and Christmas decorations happily took part in this enjoyable event.
Limassol Del Mar: Construction Works are in Full Swing 
A world class development Limassol Del Mar is a fully licensed, pioneering and luxurious project, which constitutes a developmental milestone of high standards, not only for Cyprus but also worldwide. The construction works continue in full swing, following the schedule closely and uninterruptedly throughout the day and night. An impressive online timelapse video records the great construction progress, since the project has already reached the phase of the formation of the towers.
BRAND - NEW WEBSITE for Leptos Kamares Village 
The Leptos Group is proud and at the same time delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website www.kamaresvillage.com dedicated to the 5 stars Internationally Award Winning Development Leptos Kamares Village. The new website which operates on a responsive layout has been designed to improve user friendliness and appeal to all devices.
Cyprus Upgraded to Investment Grade by DBRS 
Cyprus has been upgraded back to investment grade by DBRS Ratings Limited, following recent upgrades from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Saturday.
Special Operations of Tetrahand Cyprus in IASIS Hospital Pafos 
There is a need in Cyprus for patients suffering from tetraplegia following spinal cord injury and also brain injury or stroke for assessments as to how their upper limb function can improve, either through targeted physiotherapy or through reconstructive surgery.
Cosmopolitan Paphos is favoured by the majority of European Buyers and Investors 
The area of Paphos as the most cosmopolitan and beautiful region in Cyprus is once again becoming the attraction for the majority of the European and Non-European buyers and entrepreneurs.
Chamber of Commerce says Economy Must Focus on Innovation 
Cyprus needs a new economic model which utilises both the traditional sectors and strengthens the role of young people if it wants to get ahead, the head of the chamber of commerce and industry (Keve) Christodoulos Angastiniotis said on Wednesday.