Important success of students of the 7th semester of Architecture of Neapolis University Pafos.

The University of Cyprus, in the context of the “CSRC” European Research Program, introduced an Architecture Competition between students of all Schools and Departments of Architecture in Cyprus, for the design of the Cyprus Science and Research Centre, in the University Campus in Nicosia.
Seven out of the thirty in total proposals submitted, were from the School of Architecture of Neapolis University, Pafos.
Three of the seven proposals were placed in the following order.
4th the proposal by Konstantinos Katsifas, Irini Telidou, Agapitos Kouros
6th the proposal by Eygenios Zingas, Neofytos Christofi, Lazaros Theofanous, Giannis Spyrou
7th the proposal by Chariklia Georgiou, Ilona Paraskevaidou
It is worth noting that only 15 of the 30 submitted proposals received any marks from the Jury, which consisted of representatives of the four Schools/Departments of Architecture of Cyprus, plus one from Italy, and one from Denmark.
Also, in accordance with the regulations of the Competition, the representative of every School/Department was not allow to vote for any proposals from their School/Program.
All the proposals from Neapolis University, were the work of students from the 7th Semester Studio Design Course. The teachers in this Semester were Professor Solon Xenopoulos, Dean of the School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences of Neapolis University, and Dimitris Antoniou, Assistant Professor in Building Design and Technology Course.