Neapolis University brings HOLLYWOOD to Paphos

Inauguration of the Postgraduate Programme in Digital Video Production by Neapolis University Pafos.

During the inauguration of the Postgraduate Programme in Digital Video Production that took place on Saturday, 2nd of December at the Reception Hall of the Neapolis University Pafos, it became obvious that this is no ordinary academic degree, but an innovative and unique postgraduate programme for Cyprus, as well as, the wider geographic region. The screening of a showcase video detailing the specifics of the programme, an exhibition of specialized technical equipment for the needs of video production and finally, an interactive musical performance during the small reception for esteemed guests that followed the presentation, pushed the boundaries of academia into a more creative and glamorous space for interaction.

President of the Board of Directors of Neapolis University Mr. Michalakis Leptos re-assured that the newly introduced Digital Video Production programme is essential to the outlook of the University and officially announced the introduction of three interdisciplinary scholarships as a gesture of personal commitment towards the overall effort to turn the MA in Digital Video Production into an academic hotplate, bringing together cultural local institutions and the creative industry of production and communication media.
Acclaimed film director, Jason Georgiades from Los Angeles explained that a very young but talented and enthusiastic academic team is responsible for bringing to fruition a complex set of creative outcomes, as well as, the future development of this demanding programme. He exclaimed his strong belief that this is a huge opportunity for Paphos to develop one of the finest cinema education degrees in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Dean of the School of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences Prof. Solon Xenopoulos pointed out that the multidisciplinary nature of the MA in Digital Production Degree is a decisive and perceptive step towards the expansion of the School that precedes the future development of a larger School of Arts at Neapolis University, reminiscent of iconic art and design institutions.

Lots of professionals from the industry of artistic and creative production were present, including producers, directors, artists and musicians. Representing Down2Earth Music Productions Mr. Evan Klimakis talked about the interconnected relations of the academic programme with the industry of entertainment and cinema, media and television production, while musical artist Claydee referred to the special ability this Programme holds, to realise personal creative aspirations of young students.
Specific mention to research thematics that are applicable to a range of academic disciplines was made by Dr. Charalambos Charalambous, new member of the faculty, referencing the established theoretical connections between digital production of moving images and other academic fields.

Finally, he stated the Programme’s intention to pursue European funding for the needs of Visual Education, in an attempt to extend positive outcomes of production based research and learning towards the civil society.

A large crowd attended the presentation that took place at the Reception Hall of the Neapolis University to receive information about the new Programme, including the Ambassador Fawwaz Al-Eitan of Jordan, Paphos District Officer Mrs. Mary Lambrou, Member of Parliament Mr. Charalambos Pittokopitis, Members of the municipal council, representatives of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, along with production industry specialists and representatives of cultural and creative organisations of Cyprus.