The IASIS Emergency Medical Centre at Leptos Kamares Village continues to save Lives

The Kamares Emergency Medical Centre opened in October 2007 and after almost 10 years of success,is continuing to offer an invaluable service to the residents of Kamares and the nearby villages of Tala, Koili and Tremithousa.

The specially built fully equipped centre, which operates on a 24/7 basis,  allows all members to receive free  emergency treatment in their own home or at the medical centre.  Doctors from the IASIS private hospital are on duty at the centre five mornings a week for non emergency consultations and minor surgery procedures. The GP service is also available to non members.

This medical centre is funded by the Leptos Group together with a small annual membership fee of €95per member.  This fee covers the 24/7 staffing of the centre by nurses and doctors and is totally non profit making institution .  Children under 12 years of age are treated free of charge provided their parents or grandparents are members of the scheme
Following a very generous donation from a Kamares family, in gratitude for saving their child's lifeafter an unfortunate swimming pool incident, this unique facility was extended to incorporate a fully equipped trauma room for emergency cases.   A total of many lives have been saved due to the availability of the emergency centre.
This facility provides an invaluable service and peace of mind to the local communities and the members who are extremely pleased with this service.

This year in October , to mark its tenth year of operation, a number of planned events have been scheduled to be announced shortly.
Photo: The IASIS Emergency Medical Centre at Leptos Kamares Village in Tala – Paphos