Leptos Estates back to Siberia


The presence of Leptos Estates at the "Residence Expo Property and Investment Abroad” which was held in Novosibirsk at Siberia last week, was marked with great success. The company's representatives with its own stand presented the various projects available in Cyprus and Greece, as well as new mixed use development projects planned for the near future in Cyprus and abroad. The projects that Leptos Estates has to offer are of high architectural quality, thus being a guarantee for the future.The Group has a set target to establish itself internationally.

A large team of employees from the Sales and Marketing departments along with the ones from Leptos Offices in Moscow had the opportunity to meet and close deals for property sales as well as with large real estate agencies in Novosibirsk and other major cities in the Siberian province.

The group’s Marketing Manager Mr Sakis Hadjialexandrou together with the Manager for East Europe Mr Andreas Santis stated that Cyprus and Greece regained at a high degree the trust of the Russian investors and buyers not to mention the preference of the tourist who appear that more likely they will be swamping our hotels again living the Summer of 2014.

Photo: From the exhibition “Residence Expo Property and Investment Abroad” in Novosibirsk, Siberia.