“Donate blood….save lives ” was the slogan adopted by Leptos Estates for their 11th Annual Blood Donation which was organised by the management and employees of the company in collaboration with the Paphos Coordinating Committee of Blood Donation (SEAD) and supported by the medical team of the IASIS Hospital.

The blood donation, took place at the company’s main offices in Paphos, with the intention to support the Blood Bank of the Paphos General Hospital and to help colleagues and their families in need.

Mrs. Stella Delitsikou from the organizing committee stated that “Many employees volunteered to give blood this year and have grown in numbers from previous years. Blood Bank needs are rising on a daily basis and the help and support from individuals at organised company donations are always appreciated. There is no substitute for Blood. Blood Donors are the only source. Give blood and save lives.”

Photos: From the 11th Annual Blood Donation held at the LEPTOS ESTATES main offices in Paphos.