"Buy Leptos" a new ingenious slogan by Leptos Estates


With this new slogan Leptos Estates aims to mark a new era with the innovative creation of many new development projects with competitive advantages along with fresh new ideas and ideal solutions always taking into consideration its strategic plans for the opening of new markets around the world.
The "Buy Leptos" as a new tool for redefining the Leptos Group in the international and local market shows that the communication strategy of the Group opens new doors with new goals and targets.

Our Group is and will continue to be forever a strong name with international recognition. In addition to the local markets, we have also managed by continuous efforts to expand into new markets (China, Gulf, South Africa, Iran) where we have achieved a significant increase in property sales by attracting hundreds of new buyers and investors.” This was stated by the new General Manager of the Leptos Group Mr. Paris Gabriel who also mentioned that as a group we will continue through communication and hard work to keep Cyprus high on the list of the top destinations around the world. The Leptos Group at the end of this year successfully reaches exactly 55 years of life dating back to the 1960s in the beautiful and beloved Kyrenia. With the leadership of the renowned businessman Michael Leptos the Group has had over the years broad and successful activity in the area of land development, real estate and tourism, creating unique developments that are not only  well constructed but with excellent quality and traditional architecture and always environmentally friendly. Keeping the past in mind for a new era along with modern, elegant and innovative ideas which will shine upon the future.
Today, the Group has already constructed over 300 development projects, hotels, shopping centers in prime locations and owns hundreds of acres of land ready for development in unique locations.
Maximum recognition for Leptos Estates and its importance to the economy of the country, came in February 2014 when we received the Export and Services Award 2012 from the President of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades.
"Buy Leptos" the inventive slogan that won over thousands of clients and friends of the Group and which remains imprinted in the minds of all, renewing their confidence in the strength and future of the Leptos Group.

Photo: “Buy Leptos” the new approach to Real Estate