Positive messages sent out during the Annual general meeting of the Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Ltd. and Pandora Investments Public Ltd.

The annual general meeting of the Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Ltd and Pandora Investments Public Ltd for the year 2013 took place with great success this Saturday 31st of May at the Coral Beach Hotel in Paphos, in the presence of shareholders and representatives of local authorities, associates and media.
In his address, the Chairman of the two Groups Mr. Michael Leptos made an extensive reference to the activities, results as well as to the future projections of the two Groups. More specifically, Pandora Investments increased its turnover from € 27.1million to € 33.5million an increase of 24% and also increased its operating profit from € 4.7 million to € 8.0 million representing an increase of 70%. Furthermore Leptos Calypso Hotels increased its operating profit by € 3.2million to € 4.3million achieving an increase of about 33%. It is also worth mentioning that all the Group’s hotels have significantly improved their productivity by their continuous upgrading, training of their staff and particularly by  focusing on exploring new emerging travel and tourism markets.

As regards to the property and land development sector, Mr. Leptos particularly stressed out that the Pandora Group has managed with the further upgrading of its various services, despite the difficult efforts, to increase its turnover and to look into the future with confidence and  optimism. We are in fact confident that our Group has all the advantages and resources to put together a successful future, based on a new economic development model.

Particular reference was also made by Mr. Leptos to the Neapolis University for its continuous upgrading of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, to its academic staff as well as to the over 1100 students which are already attending the university, having thus a significant positive impact on the Paphos society. Lastly, Mr. Leptos specified that if there is something we have learned all these years, is that the repercussions of a disaster can be overturned by a collective effort, by demonstrating self-confidence and by having a clear vision for the future. He then concluded by   thanking the shareholders, its staff and associates, the government departments and local authorities for their assistance, cooperation and understanding which demonstrate strong implementation of the Group’s programs and visions.

Photo: Pandora Investments Public Ltd and Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Ltd Annual General Meeting.