Congratulations to the winner of the “Leptos News” magazine competition.

Marina Neophytou (from the accounts department – Leptos Estates) was the winner of the competition in the Summer Issue of the ‘‘Leptos News’’ magazine. Marina received a free accommodation voucher offered by the five star Leptos Coral Beach Hotel and Resort in Paphos. The competition which is held every 3 months attracts a large number of entries from the entire group.

The “Leptos News” magazine entertains, gives useful information and informs staff about the Group's activities, contributes positively to the improvement of internal communication and enhances the Group's culture of teamwork. Mr. Pantelis Leptos, on behalf of the Group’s Management stated that the ‘‘Leptos News’’ is part of the internal communication programme of the Leptos Group of Companies.

Internal communication is a strategic priority, based on direct and comprehensive information of all employees on important issues such as the Group's new projects, new products, strategy and development, initiatives and many more. Respectively, internal communication also contributes to the strengthening of the Group’s philosophy and further strengthens team spirit. The new edition of the “Leptos News” magazine will be published at the beginning of December with reference to Christmas and New Year of 2015 with the hope of a very productive New Year.

Photo: Marina Neophytou winner of the Spring Issue of the ‘‘Leptos News’’ competition receiving her voucher from Leptos Estates Marketing Officer, Michael Metaxa.