Since it's opening two years ago the Kamares Village Medical Centre has become an invaluable service to the residents of Tala, Koili, Tremethousa and Leptos Kamares Village. The centre, whilst offering other facilities, provides 24 hour emergency response, seven days a week to anyone who lives within these specific areas.
The building for the Medical Centre has been provided by Leptos Estates however the centre is purely self funding by the members of the scheme. The purpose equipped centre with private ambulance means residents can have professional medical treatment in their own home within eight minutes of an emergency.
The centre is an invaluable edition to the already comprehensive list of amenities available to residents of the community and in two years it has been responsible for attending to over 100 emergency call outs and numerous out patient cases. There is a GP available on week mornings and a member of staff at the centre 24 hours a day.

Kamares Medical Centre just another benefit to the owners of homes at Leptos Kamares Village. For further information call 26 652 278.

Photograph shows:- Leptos Kamares Village Medical Centre