Leptos Calypso Hotels Speaks French

Creative Tours and its French Principals Fram are happy to announce that in cooperation with Leptos Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, they recently organised two big Events for 400 French Travel Agents, in Pafos. It was the first time that such a promotion was made from France. From the 2nd till the 5th of November 220 Travel Agents from the biggest French Network of Travel Agencies Selectour-Afat visited Cyprus.

From the 5th till the 8th of November meanwhile some 190 franchised Fram Travel Agents as well as the Management team of Fram visited our country.

The purpose of these trips was to become familiar with the destination and to push the Winter Program/Sales in which Fram is committed to more than 500 seats per week to Pafos Airport from 4 French Airports (Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes and Paris). A Special Welcome, Dinners and Excursions to the Akamas area were planned in the beautiful Sunshine. The Team of the labelised Framissima Coral Beach put all its efforts into accommodating in the best possible way, its guests with superb cocktails and dinners.

For their first year of operation in 2014 Fram sent 7500 French tourists and will double their capacity for 2015. Fifteen thousand tourists are expected, out of which 4000 clients will be coming during the winter months.

Photo: From left to right, Fannie Paschalidou (CTO Cyprus) Laure Lecornec (CTO France) Doros Georgiades (CTO Cyprus) Dominique Beljanski (President of Selectour-Afat) Pambos Michael (GM of Coral Beach Hotel & Resort) Christophe Chaillou (Managing Director of Creative Tours) Thierry Jacques (Promotion and Marketing Director Fram).