The Leptos Group back to School.

The Leptos Group, with its systematic upgrading and maximizing of its staff education recently held a two day seminar on "Improving Productivity for Maximum Performance" at the main headquarters in Paphos this week with great success.

The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Group’s Human Resources Department and the training and consulting center People Achieve. The seminar was attended by over twentyfive members of the Group.

Instructor of the seminar was Mrs Marina Xenophontos who explained to the participants that improving productivity for maximum performance is an important skill in today’s business environment and has a direct impact on the potential advancement of an organization. Furthermore, improving productivity is a means of maximising our performance and getting the work done in a correct way, convincing others to make a decision or to take a course of action. As highlighted in the seminar professionals must be ready and able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

All staff members of the Leptos Group actively participated in the seminar after they were given the opportunity to exchange opinions and discuss issues they believe through their own experience can help improve the communication they have with each other and especially with clients and associates of the Group .

The Leptos Group until the end of the year will hold two more seminars to train its staff. The first seminar will be on the “First Aid” procedures and the second seminar on “Improving Productivity”.

Photo: From the last seminar of the Leptos Group