Leptos Estates, the leader of the first big bulk of certificates for naturalization of foreign entrepreneurs / investors

Following its persistent efforts, Leptos Estates has managed to be the first to achieve the approval of the first certificates of naturalization of foreign entrepreneurs / investors, who qualified in respect of the new criteria for the granting of exceptional citizenship to foreign investors and entrepreneurs for joint investment scheme of more than 12.5 million euros.

Mr. Paris Gabriel, General Manager of Leptos Estates stated that "our aim is to promote Cyprus as a very attractive destination and international business center. We are now able to attract foreign investors who are looking not just for the best but for also the most secure and rewarding destinations.

The convincing presentation of our offer, Mr. Gabriel said, has created confidence to investors who were successful in their applications and have become the best ambassadors for Cyprus in their countries. It is evident that the success of Leptos Estates to attract people from around the world, especially high income and business level individuals, is attributed to the great variety and excellent standard of its product, the high quality services offered and the presence of offices and representations in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Leptos Estates product offering, stands out for its location, design, architecture and quality construction. Currently, the company has more than 350 property developments in Cyprus, the majority being located in the coastal and seafront areas of both Pafos and Limassol. Cyprus is now considered as "one of the top and most preferred destinations", with the Leptos Group being the leader in collective investments which have already attracted dozens of buyers and investors, thus contributing to the increase of the revenue of the Government, which regulates in the appropriate and rightful manner the citizenship rights.

Photo: The new upmarket lifestyle project of Leptos Estates, Adonis Beach Villas.