The Leptos Group train its staff in sales issues

The Leptos Group, with its systematic upgrading and maximizing of its staff education recently held a two day seminar on "The Professional Real Estate Sales Person" at the main headquarters in Paphos . The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Human Resource Department of the Group and the training and consulting center People Achieve.

The seminar was attended by 25 members of the Sales and Marketing Departments. Mr. Peter Andreou instructor of the seminar, explained to the participants how significant it is to have the correct skills in real estate sales, of how we can understand customer needs and of how important it is to satisfy these needs, the correct bargaining range, and of how we can surpass our goals and expectations understanding the magic formula for increasing sales.

All staff members of the Leptos Group actively participated in the seminar after they were given the opportunity to exchange opinions and discuss issues they believe through their own experience can help to improve the sales not only in Cyprus but as well as into the overseas markets . The Leptos Group within the New Year will hold many more seminars regarding the steps to building a sales and marketing strategy, the correct use of computer programs as well as a seminar on High Performance Workplace.

Photo: From the "The Professional Real Estate Sales Person” seminar of the Leptos Group