The history of the Leptos Group makes for a remarkable success story; 60 years of success portraying a thriving era, not only for the Group itself but particularly for the towns and the regions which we have developed, areas which have since flourished and prospered.

Kyrenia, a town located north of the island of Cyprus, was the starting point for the Leptos Group in 1960.    Michael Leptos, the Group’s founder and Executive Chairman, began with a vision, and embarked on a venture.  He sought to enhance the architecture of the island of Cyprus, adding to its cosmopolitan character, and always respecting the natural environment.  During that time, the Leptos Group awakened Kyrenia from its slumber status to a progressive design and construction of higher quality residential homes, commercial complexes and hotels thereby achieving significant growth and enhancing the level of tourism in the region.   

As a result of the events of 1974, the Group’s activities were relocated to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf, leaving a legacy of extensive civil engineering works and the construction of major residential developments.  An example of the Group’s exemplary developments was the project ‘Saudia City’, a completely new town in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) that comprised of 4,000 homes including commercial and shopping centre, sports grounds and swimming pools which at that time was considered ground breaking.

The Group returned to its homeland of Cyprus in the late 1970’s, to the historical coastal town of Paphos, purchasing land in and around the area which had genuine potential for vast quality development, and proceeded to develop Paphos and the surrounding area into the thriving and cosmopolitan town one admires today.  The Group continued from strength to strength, building hotels, thousands of homes and holiday condominiums including multiple award-winning projects such as the renowned Leptos Kamares Village, the 5 star Coral Beach Hotel and Resort,  Paphos Gardens Hotel and Resort and a plethora of other residential, holiday and commercial developments.  These unique projects are characterised by their aesthetic charm that engages directly with the natural environment, satisfying even the most demanding palette.  Seafront projects, as well as resort residences are all designed and constructed with the philosophy of creating vibrant ‘neighbourhoods’, while the hillside homes can be described as ‘precious jewels’ which enhance the Group’s diverse property portfolio.  All projects are built around lush gardens and extensive green areas.

The Group is widely expanding its activities in Greece with prestigious residential and holiday developments including luxury hotels. Great emphasis has been given to Chania, Paros and Santorini, three of the most beautiful Greek islands, as well as Athens – Greece’s idyllic capital.

The Leptos Group offers unique opportunities with the creation of two “Mega Projects.” The first, and most ambitious, is located in the region of Paphos designed over and area of 111 hectares. The Neapolis Smart EcoCity project, is aimed at creating a ‘new town’ in the centre of Paphos. There are a number of important factors unique to this project, such as the development of state-of-the-art facilities which include a hospital, campus university, innovation centre, shopping mall, business and commercial centre, leisure and entertainment centre, park areas and residences. The Neapolis project is considered to be the most important construction challenge that will be made in the Mediterranean.  Costa Nopia, the second “Mega Project” located at Kissamos Bay in Chania, Crete, will cover an area of approximately 65 hectares. The development will consist of superior hotel accommodation, holiday homes, marina, golf course, wide range of sport facilities, shopping and entertainment areas, and a large conference centre that will cater for the needs of the area.

The success of the Leptos Group is evidently clear, confirming its status as the Leading Property Developer in Cyprus and the Greek islands.  With more than 350 unique projects, boasting sophistication, quality and excellence in design, the Group is proud of its success seen through the eyes of its 25,000 Happy and satisfied clients and homeowners.

For over 60 successful years, the Group has established an international network of private offices in top global business cities, with business associates in 75 countries from around the world. Today, the Group is one of the largest proprietors in Cyprus with an excess of 1,700 employees, maintaining more than 30 companies (two of them being, Leptos Calypso Hotels and Resorts which operates more than 3,600 beds and Pandora Investments which is one of the largest private landowners in the Mediterranean; both are public-listed companies on the Cyprus Stock Exchange Market.)  The establishment of Neapolis University – the first private university in Paphos, the acquisition of Iasis Private Hospital and the creation of Leda TravelArena Sports and Vesta Holidays (which deals with property management), established the Group’s position as one of the most successful organizations in Cyprus and the Greek Islands. The Group’s companies, developments, properties and services have won numerous prestigious international awards, recognising the Leptos Group as the top importer for foreign investment in the country.

The philosophy of the Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Michael Leptos, is to create projects with sophistication, quality and excellence in design whilst remaining conscious of the environment it shares. He also believes that the value of an enterprise is not measured by the returns of the day, but by the legacy one leaves behind.

With 60 successful years under their belt, Michael Leptos and the Leptos Group are proud of their outstanding achievements and look optimistically towards the future.