Crete, Zakynthos and Kerkyra, Best performing Greek islands for 2017


Crete and the Ionian Islands, with favourites including Zakynthos, Kerkyra and Paxi are Greece’s winning destinations when it comes to tourism-related revenue per visitor and duration of stay, Tourism Minister, Elena Kountoura, announced at the 7th Regional Conference for Productive Reconstruction.

“Through our contacts and negotiations with international tour operators and airlines, and thanks to the excellent cooperation we have established with the Ionian Islands Region, we have achieved stronger demand for Greece, reflected in the increase in tourist traffic and connectivity,” Kountoura said while referring to the Ionian Islands’ continuously improving performance.

According to data, the Ionian Islands is recording impressive growth in the number of international arrivals, the length of stay and in tourism-related revenue. Moreso, 2016 saw arrivals up by more than 13 percent and the number of international visitors exceeding 2.4 million. A further increase of 10 percent followed in 2017 with the launch of 30 new direct flights.

Kountourta also spoke of the 20 investment plans for 4- and 5-star hotels, a tourism complex project and a theme park in the region currently being examined by the Ministry, as well as ways to establish Corfu as a home port for cruise travel.