Elafonissi (Crete) voted on the Top Beaches in the World

Located about 76 km away from Chania, Elafonissi, which means “deer island”, is a wonderful peninsula, often considered as an individual island.

It is protected by the Natura 2000 Program, as it attracts many unique species of animals and contains a marvelous flora, such as sand lilies and cedars.

Elafonissi is mainly known for its wonderful exotic beaches that give you the impression that you have been transported to the Caribbean!
The sandy beaches that lie across the peninsula attract many visitors every year. The turquoise waters and the white sand with the pink shells make a unique scenery.

There is a place where the peninsula “breaks” and creates a lovely lagoon with shallow and warm waters, ideal for families with children that cannot swim.

The beaches of Elafonissi are suitable for everyone, as there are many fully organised ones, as well as many small and secludes ones.

Elafonissi includes some wonderful monuments, too.

Take a tour around the island and discover the beautiful lighthouse and the lovely chapel of Agia Eirini, a picturesque church with a breathtaking ocean view.