Your new life in Chania awaits

Greece is known as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries of the world, a country full of islands, gorgeous countryside, beaches and mountains. And then there’s Chania.. the place that feels like a time capsule or a reminder of all the different civilizations that were brought together to form a wonderful multicultural mosaic.
With its world-famous cuisine, fabulous history that dates back to the Minoan times, the dramatic mountain peaks of the White Mountains, magnificent gorges, and the endless miles of stunning coastline, it’s no surprise that Chania is considered one of the most attractive regions in the world.

Crete and more specifically Chania, is a very popular holiday destination, but you may be wondering if is it an ideal place to live? The answer is simply yes! With Crete being the biggest island in Greece and the 88th largest in the world, is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to experience Greek island living and enjoy a good and healthy lifestyle.
The cost of living in Crete is relatively low compared to other European cities and the majority of U.S. cities. You can save money and eat healthily by purchasing fresh, locally grown produce.

Eating out is also lot cheaper so you go out regularly and, on a budget, but still enjoy amazing cuisine and dishes made from fresh local products. Note that Chania restaurants are found almost anywhere: in the heart of Chania Town, at the old port, along with the beaches, even in small mountainous villages you will find a tavern at the square. Also, since Chania is a one of the safest cities in Greece, you’ll feel totally secure walking home from a restaurant at midnight.
 For those interested in the city’s Nightlife, Chania is simply spectacular and intense. Whether you are a fan of rock, jazz or dance music, in the capital of Chania you can find a wide variety of atmospheric Bars and Lounge cafes that stay open till a bit after midnight. Outside the town, there are also a few clubs that stay open until the early hours and play loud music, mainly in the old port of Chania or at the backstreets of the Medieval Town.
A very important factor that contributes to Chania’s ‘happy place to live’ reputation, is the locals. The famous Cretan hospitality is very much still alive; locals are friendly and offer directions and tips freely, neighbours frequently bring over fresh eggs, vegetables and fruits from their plots or even a meal or dessert they have prepared. You may confirm this with a simple visit to Chania Municipal Market, the buzzing emporium filled with stalls piled high with cheeses, olives, herbs and fish caught that morning. The locals will show you what Greek ‘Filoxenia’ (hospitality) means and even those who don’t speak very good English, will still do their best to make you feel welcomed and part of the community.

If you are considering moving to this beautiful part of the world and you want to experience Chania’s authenticity, cultural traditions and the natural beauty of this magnificent location, then why not move to Crete? The Leptos Estates portfolio includes properties all around Crete that will secure your new life in Chania and give you the opportunity to experience a whole new life in the most picturesque par of the world. The Crete projects include: Aegean Blue Apartments, Aphrodite Beachfront II, Aphrodite Beachfront III & Fournado.

If you are still unsure if Chania is the right place for you, why not test the waters and book a short visit to Chania and stay in the Leptos Panorama Hotel and do some exploring.