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“To applicants who are third country nationals and invest in Greece”

EU citizens enjoy their full rights and privileges, including the right to establish residency, buy property, open a business and work in Greece.
For non EU Nationals there is now the possibility to acquire a Permanent Greek Residence Permit under the extremely attractive provisions described below. Now you can get Greek Permanent Residency without visiting Greece by applying remotely.

Greece Passport

Investment Required: €250.000

Type of Investment: Any Property Asset (i.e. houses, plots, land, shops, offices etc.) OR a combination of assets i.e. plot with custom built villa or building etc.

Valid throughout Schengen:: YES

Duration Of Permit: PERMANENT (provided that the property ownership is maintained)

Renewal: Check-up of title deed ownership every 5 years

Time needed to be issued: 10 working days for properties in Greece with the exception of Santorini, which takes 3 months.

Persons eligible for PR:Investor's spouse, children below 21 years of age and then renew till 24 (and afterwards have the right to enrol in Greek university and extend further), Parents of Investor and Parents of the spouse.

Right to Resell: Yes, PR is transferrable to a new Investor (but the original Investor’s PR rights cease to exist)

Right to Rent: YES

Citizenship Status: Right to obtain Greek citizenship

Residence Permit and Schengen Visa to non-EU Nationals with
the purchase of Property with a minimum value of 250,000 Euros


  • FAST issuance: the Permit can be issued in 10 working days provided that all documents are in place. Our Company proudly has the fastest track record in the country, and the first PR (in 2013).

  • Schengen Visa: Greece is part of the Schengen Treaty, hence the permit is also a Schengen visa (attached is a document/ PR presentation including all Schengen countries). The advantage here is, you can travel direct from your country to any Schengen country using your Greek Permit. In addition, you can stay in any Schengen country for 90 days every six month period.

  • SIMPLE procedure: No other requirement is needed other than purchasing a property with a minimum value of €250.000 (i.e neither savings account is a must to maintain nor to visit Greece for an X number of days).

  • Family Members: the PR goes to the Buyer, the Buyer's wife, the parents of both the Buyer and his wife, PLUS their children below the age of 21 (and then they can extend till 24 year of age).


Permanent Residency

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